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COVID-19 Policy

In order to provide a safe environment for swimmers, parents/guardians, coaches, and staff in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, CSC Summer Swim Team has developed the following COVID-19 policy. The policy is subject to change based on additional guidance from the relevant public health authorities. Any policy changes will be communicated to members. 

When we visit other pools for Away Meets, they may have different restrictions/policies.

Masks are encouraged but not mandatory for the outdoors if you have been vaccinated or when at least six feet of distance can be maintained. However, all attendees, including children, must have masks available for use in the office and restrooms. Masks are prohibited in the pool water. 

  • Coaches who are not vaccinated and unable to maintain at least six feet of distance from other people must wear a mask. Masks are required when using the restroom/locker room areas.
  • Volunteers/Parents/Guardians who are not vaccinated and unable to maintain at least six feet of distance from other people must wear a mask. Masks are required for everyone when using the restroom/locker room areas.
  • Swimmers: Masks are required when talking with pool staff or using the restroom/locker room areas.

No Spectators on the Lower Pool Deck 

  • Practices:  Only coaches or lead volunteers are allowed on the lower pool deck. Parents are welcome to wait on the pool grounds during practices. 
  • Meets: Only coaches, active volunteers, and swimmers immediately up for an event are allowed on the lower pool deck. Volunteer Deck Wardens will be standing at entrances to the pool deck to ensure that only essential people enter the pool deck area. 

Wellness Screening

  • Practices: If a swimmer is feeling ill in any way, please do not send the swimmer to practice.
  • Meets: Before each meet (home and away), we will send a wellness screening reminder. We ask that you check all people/swimmers planning to attend the meet using these screening criteria. If anyone is feeling ill in any way, please do not attend the meet. If a swimmer cannot attend a meet due to illness, please contact us immediately so we can alert the coaches.

Spectator Limitations

  • Only two adult spectators (not including volunteers) are permitted per family to attend home and away meets. Younger siblings are permitted. We ask that you abide by this limitation to ensure crowd numbers stay at a minimum. 
  • When we visit other pools for Away Meets, other pools may have different restrictions.

Separate Team Areas 

For CSC Home Meets, we will designate separate areas of the CSC pool grounds for teams. CSC team members will gather at the tables and chairs on the sides of the pool. Visiting team members will gather near the large pavilion at the back of the property. 

Practice Social Distancing

Please maintain social distancing with individuals outside of your group, both in and out of the pool. Please observe all signs and guidance concerning social distancing (i.e. when you're standing in lines). 

Furniture Cleaning

Please bring wipes and sanitizer with you. Upon entering and leaving the pool, please wipe down the furniture you use. This will supplement the regular cleaning conducted by the staff.

COVID-19 Positive Case Reporting

We request that CSC families self-report a positive COVID-19 test to the CSC COVID-19 Coordinator (CSC Manager Deb Welty). In the event of a report of a positive COVID-19 test, CSC will take the following steps: 

  • Notify local public health authorities 
  • Notify all staff and members 
  • Clean and disinfect any areas used by that individual 

Follow all additional guidance provided by public health authorities, including, if necessary, temporarily closing the pool to facilitate cleaning and disinfecting. 

CSC will maintain the individual’s confidentiality in accordance with applicable laws. Any further steps such as contact tracing, etc. will be taken at the direction of local public health authorities.


If you have a question or concern related to CSC’s COVID-19 policies, please contact us. We ask that you DO NOT approach coaches, lifeguards, or front desk personnel to discuss COVID-19 issues. We know that some of these changes will be inconvenient, but we hope that with everyone’s cooperation, we will have a fun summer CSC Swim Team season!

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